Cabaret Act Mentor

Entertaining on board a cruise ship is an aspiration for many entertainers.


After ensive experience performing as a ‘Headline Entertainer’ herself, and being one of the top rated on some of the most prestigious, luxurious cruise lines in the world, Petrina can help prepare hopeful performers to become successful concert Artistes in their own right! Guiding them on their way from putting the whole act together,helping to organise the musical arrangements, patter skills, even the image they want to portray! We have access to the best musical arrangers and dress/costume designers in the industry!

“There is so much more to being a Headline Entertainer than just turning up and singing a selection of songs for 45 minutes. I can help build the act from start to finish.”

Many entertainers who would love the chance to work on these incredible, spectacular ships (which have vast theatres, most of them seating a thousand upwards, and working with top orchestras, up to a 9 or 10 piece line up) could truly benefit from someone who has vast knowledge and expertise in this field! These venues at sea being even bigger, more impressive, and more equipped these days than some of our West End theatres.